Blaine County Charitable Fund Financial Relief
Frequently Asked Questions


DEADLINE TO APPLY: 20th of the month

The Blaine County Charitable Fund will assist with needs relating to housing, transportation, utilities, and health that can not be addressed by the individual due to an unanticipated crisis such as (but not limited to) COVID illness or exposure, unexpected loss of work, medical emergencies, or other unique life crises.  If an applicant has received assistance from BCCF, they can re-apply if they can demonstrate that their crisis has been renewed.

BCCF encourages applicants to access all available local, state and federal resources first.  For this reason, we will be referring people to the Idaho Preservation Program as a first step. If you do not qualify for these funds, you can apply for assistance from BCCF. 

Applicants should be prepared to submit the following in their application:

  • Housing information: a copy of your lease, or a statement of current rent

  • Income information: documentation for the previous month from all adults in the household. This includes:

    • Pay stub(s) documenting earnings for all wage earners in the household,

    • Other income such as Social Security, pension or retirement, public assistance, unemployment benefit statement, any other relevant income (such as letter from employer detailing hours worked and total pay for the past month

  • Copies of current bills you are seeking assistance with.​

How does BCCF make award decisions?

Rent assistance decisions are based on your access to other resources, income, and family size. The amount of assistance is based on household gross monthly income and monthly rent. Special consideration is given to single parent households and people in need of individualized support. BCCF may award a partial request based on these considerations.

Who can apply for assistance? 

Those that work and/or live full time in Blaine County.   Applicants should be 18 years or older.  We do not require proof of citizenship.  

How do I apply for assistance? 

You can apply by completing this online application, or by downloading this application and then submitting the completed application and attaching the required documents by email, fax, mail or our drop box located t the Sawtooth Brewery 110 N. River St., Hailey.

I'm not able to print my own copy, where can I pick up a copy?

A secure pick up/drop off box is located at Sawtooth Brewery 110 N. River St., Hailey.  Also the Hunger Coalition, St. Luke's Center for Community Help and the Advocates have copies that can be picked up at their locations.

What types of expenses can this award cover? 

This award is intended to help with household expenses that are in immediate need of payment and cannot be deferred or negotiated. These may include health insurance premiums, immediate medical needs such as medication, rent, car insurance payment, or other immediate expenses. 


Can you assist me as a homeowner?

Some circumstances may exist that we would assist a homeowner with a mortgage payment, but we do require that you've already pursued forbearance options with your lender first.

I own my own business. Can I still apply? 

Yes, these awards are intended to help with urgent, personal or household expenses. Anyone who has lost work or is struggling with the economic strain, regardless of whether they were/are self- employed, or an employee of a company or organization. These awards are not intended for any business expenses however. 

Can I apply on behalf of my employees? 

Applications for assistance must be completed by the affected individual. 


I have applied for unemployment benefits. Can I apply for a Financial Relief Award as well?
Yes. We encourage affected individuals to apply for and use all resources available, including Idaho Unemployment Insurance and any other federal, state, or community-based assistance or relief options that may be made available. 

Can I apply more than once if needed? 

We encourage you to consider expenses for a one-month period when completing your application. BCCF’s goal is to provide one-time assistance when a unanticipated crisis causes financial hardship.   Only in rare circumstances are exceptions made. If you have received a grant from the BCCF in the past, you can fill out our "re-application" app and let us know how your crisis has been renewed.  BCCF is NOT an ongoing source of assistance.  We review applications on a crisis by crisis basis.

I need additional resources, such as food, medications, etc. How can I access them? 

Additional resources and information are available at

Is there a deadline to apply?

Applications are due the 20th of the prior month for consideration. (i.e. submit application by December 20th for review in January). 

After I submit my application, what can I expect next? 

  • A member of our organization will call you to complete your application by collecting some additional information.  Our goal is to contact all applicants within three business days of our due date. 

  • Please expect to provide verification that you are/were working in Blaine County within the last month, and copies of bills that need to be paid - a screenshot of any documentation will do. Once this is provided, your application is complete. 

  • Applications are reviewed by the BCCF Board of Directors monthly, but during the COVID-19 pandemic the board can consider urgent needs as they arise.  If you are under threat of eviction, please complete an application and indicate this in your narrative.  Please also be prepared to supply copies of eviction related correspondence.  

If an award is issued, how will I receive it? 

BCCF’s policy is to not give cash, or write a check that is payable directly to the applicant. Checks can be issued directly to the landlord, lending institution, or other creditor, and BCCF will ask for those names and addresses when you are notified of the award decision. 

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Please call our office at 208-244-5205; a member of our team will be glad to assist you.



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