Thank you!


How do you know you are doing the right thing?  When other agencies are saying that they are glad we are here doing this particular work... When applicants tell you they are losing sleep... When you see a steady stream if need and not a clear end in sight.


Our ability to be an early and quick response to people in crisis is because of YOU! We are grateful for your support!


We have given nearly $150k in assistance to 135 families in the last four months. We are helping construction workers and housekeepers, restaurant workers and self-employed individuals, and those that won't receive any federal assistance.  We will need to continue to build our resources in order to continue to be responsive.  


Please spread the word that the application process is open, as well as consider soliciting support from those in your own spheres.  Below is a sample letter you could use, with your added perspective:


"I’m writing to ask that you join us in contributing to a new organization that has been set up in our valley.  The Blaine County Charitable Fund will provide financial assistance to those who work and/or live in Blaine County who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The fund was established in response to the “shelter in place” order with priority given to those negatively affected by this, but also intends to be a resource in the future in times of unanticipated crisis.   These awards are need-based, and criteria include access to other resources (state & federal programs, savings, other local relief or family support available, etc.), household size, and recent employment changes.      These may include health insurance premiums, immediate medical needs such as rent, car insurance payment, or other immediate expenses.  Donate here: or Venmo @blainecf"


Thank you for your generous support that will enable us to in turn assistance many people in our community.  We'll keep you informed of our progress!  


Best regards,


Mary Fauth 

Kevin Jones

Daryl Fauth

Shannon McLean

Stephen D. Thompson, PLLC

Penny Thayer

Sue Hamilton

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