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As the days grow shorter and colder, We are reminded more than ever just how fortunate I am to have a safe, comfortable house to call home.  As you probably have read in our recent newsletter, many in our community are not as fortunate or have the same level of certainty as you or I.  Your support in this uncertain season helps families like the Latimers:


With the help of BCCF we feel so blessed. We had $27.53 in our checking account and rent was due in eight days. Pay day wasn’t for 11 days. I’ve never been so stressed out before. The baby needed diapers and was low on formula. My truck was on empty, and had been for two weeks. The medical bills from my one year old daughter’s seizures were taking all the money. In a single income household things were more than just tight, they were impossible. My husband and I have never felt so much financial pressure before. BCCF helped dramatically lower the medical bills and paid our rent. When I got the phone call I couldn’t hold back tears. I called and told my husband and he was speechless. No one or anything has ever helped us like this. We feel like getting this financial help during a time of crisis was a major turning point in our lives. It’s so amazing to know that Blaine county is full of good quality people who care about others. Truly the kindest people. We are so grateful our daughter is born and raised here in a county that shows what a true community is about. Thank you so much for changing our lives!” Lettie & Josh Latimer 

Whether it’s a situation due to COVID, or an unexpected life crisis like the medical health of your child, a local resource for emergency assistance like BCCF is continuing to be a critical need.  We are so very grateful to do this work thanks to your support.

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