Are you ready for Giving Tuesday?

There is an urgent need in our community for stability in times of crisis.

Currently, loss of income is causing many families who are already on the edge to fall into spiral that is almost impossible to correct.

Can you give a gift of $50 today to provide emergency assistance to a family in crisis?

Meet the James family: After losing their jobs this spring due to the COVID crisis, then being evicted from their home this summer, now they find themselves living in a hotel room in Bellevue where day to day things like meal preparation and online learning for their eight-year-old is very difficult. Every dollar they have is going to pay for their temporary home. Consequently, they aren’t able to save enough to secure a first/last/deposit and find a permanent home.

How will the James family ever get back on their feet? They just won’t be able to. But, with your help, they will get through this crisis and remain members of our community.