Blaine County Charitable Fund Holds Meet and Greet During Concert

by Karen Bossick, Eye on Sun Valley

“Starting an effort to bring the generosity of our community together with our neighbors that were most vulnerable to suffering financially during the pandemic was an inspiring endeavor,” said Fauth. “With the help of partners in the community, we told so many in crisis to put their needs to us and trust that the community would respond. And they did!”

Fauth said the goal of the fund was not only to address needs during the pandemic but to be a source of help in future crises.

“When over half our community already don’t make ends meet on a regular basis, a single unanticipated event can cause financial hardship that can last for many years,” she said.

While President Biden recently reinstated an eviction moratorium until Oct. 31 for areas like Blaine County that have substantial COVID spread, the threat of homelessness is real for many, even with that moratorium, said Fauth.

“Many of our applicants are afraid of communicating with their landlords that they may be struggling for fear of losing their housing in a high demand market,” she said. “And with or without a moratorium, past rent will eventually come due.” READ MORE

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