Community working together = #5BStrong

5BStrong is an effort to promote donating "found money". The effort is asking those who do not the need the stimulus check to consider donating to a local charity and/or supporting an affected business. Helping those in need, and supporting local businesses that have been affected will have a profound positive impact on people's lives, our community, and the local economy. Please help us spread the message by using the hashtag #5bStrong.

Below is a list of local charities and avenues to donate your found money:

Spur Foundation Community Response Fund The Hunger Coalition The Senior Connection Meals on Wheels The Advocates—Urgent Needs Fund

The Crisis Hotline/Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Wood River Valley Service Industry Relief Fund Blaine County Charitable Fund—Emergency Assistance Want to support an affected local business that is temporarily closed? Try contacting them to purchase a gift card! This will help provide some cash flow to help get through the shutdown.

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