Eviction ban set to end Saturday

Millions in rental assistance available from state and local organizations

by Tony Evans, Idaho Mountain Express

A nationwide eviction moratorium implemented last year is set to expire on Saturday, July 31, potentially leading to a number of evictions due to unpaid back rents. But millions of dollars in federal assistance are available for qualified Idaho applicants, as well as funding from local nonprofits to keep people in their homes.

Recently, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program has seen a significant increase in the number of households served and the amount of funds provided as state and local programs continued to ramp up their efforts, the department reported on July 21...

... Mary Fauth, executive director of the Blaine County Charitable Fund, said she anticipates that people will be reaching out to her and her staff if and when the eviction notices come out.

The Charitable Fund has helped about 200 households in the community pay bills during the pandemic, Fauth said, 90 percent of which are “low to extremely low” income. So far this year, two-thirds of Fund’s grants—$127,000—has gone to rental assistance.

“We haven’t had to turn anyone away, but we currently need to replenish the fund with donations,” she said. “With the high demand for housing, I don’t know what would motivate landowners to not use the eviction process if they can.”

Fauth encourages anyone who is behind in their rent to talk to their landlords. Some landlords are negotiating deals with renters, some of whom are as much as five months behind in their rent, she said.


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