Hailey Leaders Champion Safe Communities

by Luis Alberto Lecanda

The Hailey City Council voted unanimously Monday night to pass a Safe Communities Resolution.

The resolution will allow police and court officials to focus on public safety rather than get tangled up in immigration enforcement, said Hailey City Council President Kaz Thea.

“The Safe Communities Resolution is important to Hailey because it ensures local law enforcement is prioritizing keeping our entire community safe, and it ensures we are not subsidizing federal immigration law enforcement,” said Hailey City Council Member Sam Linnet. “Immigration law enforcement and policy is a federal civil law issue that should be left to federal authorities to carry out.

“Our community is diverse and inclusive and we do not benefit from assisting ICE in often politically motivated law enforcement,” Linnet added. “This resolution is one step towards making sure that everyone in our town is welcome, treated equitably and protected from injustice.”