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Creating stable and resilient communities

Who we are

Our Mission: 

Creating stable and resilient communities in Blaine County.  

Our Vision:

We envision a community where all people can maintain stability in times of crisis, and where shared resources and knowledge helps to ensure all can thrive.  

Our Values:
  • All people deserve to maintain self-dignity and be treated with respect

  • We are a community when all parts of it can thrive

  • Compassion is an essential ingredient to our work

  • We strive to bring equality & equity of resources to Blaine County

  • While accountability by those in crisis is maintained, we don't over burden individuals with process

BCCF creates stability & resiliency through intervention of financial assistance in conjunction with supporting households working towards greater financial stability. Individuals that live and/or work in Blaine County, regardless of citizenship status, can apply for emergency rental assistance, 1st/last/deposit assistance, emergency housing assistance, gas/grocery cards, and other rapid relief funds to address an unforeseen critical needs. 

Why Blaine County Charitable Fund?

BCCF was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, when the Wood River Valley and Blaine County as a whole was hit with the COVID-19 virus. Citizens were ordered to shelter in their homes on March 25, 2020, and immediately many Blaine County citizens, both employees and small business persons, lost their incomes and employment.  


The city of Hailey is ranked the 9th out of 916 metropolitan areas in the country with the most unequal income gap, and 1 in 4 are food insecure or one crisis away from it. Costs of living are only increasing and access to affordable housing is years from satisfying the need

Although the pandemic created a community-wide crisis, it ultimately exposed the vulnerability of many in our community to withstand this or any future life crisis. BCCF seeks to provide impactful grants to Blaine County families with household expenses that are in immediate need of payment and cannot be deferred or negotiated. These may include health insurance premiums, immediate medical needs such as medication, rent, car insurance, or other immediate expenses.

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