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Ways to Give:

Can you commit to just $25/month to make 5B Strong?

Blaine County Charitable Fund is an emergency assistance program that gives stability for individuals living and/or working in Blaine County in times of unanticipated crisis. When businesses closed and livelihoods were crushed in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, the most vulnerable in our community were thrown into crisis and needed their neighbors to help. AND WE DID! In 2020 nearly 200 households were assisted with $262,000 that paid for rent, utility payments, insurance, and other basic needs to keep them stable and healthy.  

When polled, 100% of our recipients that responded said the assistance they received kept them stable in their homes.


This is critical in a time when housing costs are high, the rental market inventory low, and the average financial burden to establish new housing costing families thousands and thousands of dollars.

The need for assistance won't subside for a long time. Even before the pandemic, 52% of Blaine County households were below the threshold of being able to pay for essential needs. The scarring of this pandemic will have generational impacts. 

Let's let our neighbors know that 5B is Strong and their community is a safety net they can count on when there may be nowhere else to turn. Join us by making a monthly commitment that will create more stability for Blaine County households.


Or mail checks to: Blaine County Charitable Fund, PO Box 265
Hailey, ID 83333.  

$25/mo Covers heat during the coldest months
$50/mo Helps navigate an unanticipated emergency
$100/mo Gives stability for a household for a month