Acting quickly to get help in the hands that need it!



There is an urgent need in our community for stability in times of crisis. 


Currently, in our community loss of income is causing many families who are already on the edge to fall into a spiral that is almost impossible to correct.


Can you give a gift of $50 today to provide emergency assistance to a family in crisis?


Meet the James family: After losing their jobs this spring due to the COVID crisis, then being evicted from their home this summer, now they find themselves living in a hotel room in Bellevue where day to day things like meal preparation and online learning for their eight-year-old is very difficult.  Every dollar they have is going to pay for their temporary home.   Consequently, they aren’t able to save enough to secure a first/last/deposit and find a permanent home.


How will the James family ever get back on their feet?  They just won’t be able to.  But, with your help, they will get through this crisis and remain members of our community.


According to the Hunger Coalition’s anonymous survey of their food recipients in late October, 39% of respondents said they were still unable to pay for rent/mortgage and 86% of respondents do not have savings to fall back on.  


They also asked how much recipients would need each month to meet all their expenses.  From those results, $118,000/month* would be needed to meet all of their expenses.  When multiplied out over the course of a three-month season, this matches the average amount BCCF assists families to get through a season of crisis.


We at Blaine County Charitable Fund have discovered that many local families are experiencing a season of need, sometimes multiple seasons of need.  On average $1250 will provide an entire family a sense of peace and stability that can get them through an unexpected crisis caused by job loss, work reduction, health issue, and more.  


Our goal is to raise $425,000 for emergency assistance in 2021… enough to meet the need of all families that come to BCCF in crisis. 


Can you be that lifeline for a family like the James family in our community?  Your gift today will ensure everyone in our community has their critical needs met during this and future times of unanticipated crisis.


In unity, 


Steve Thompson, President                                           Mary Fauth, Executive Director



* Out of the respondents of the average of 310 household that receive food distributions each week, 31% needed $500+, 34% $300-$500, 30% $100-$300 and 5% $1-$100 each month to meet all of their bills and expenses.

Or mail checks to:
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$10,000 Challenge Grant

Thanks to Sheila Liermann, all donations made with the memo "Baldy" will be matched up to $10,000!

$50... Keeps the heat on
$150... Keeps the lights and gas on, and access to internet
$903... Is an average amount of rent assistance
$1250... Covers the average grant awarded to a household in crisis.

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