Acting quickly to get help in the hands that need it!



We at the Blaine County Charitable Fund are so grateful for community support at an unprecedented time.  When we started the BCCF it was based on a strong instinct of needed action, pushed forward by the awareness of inequities that were execarbated by swift job loss, and bolstered time and time again by being told that the community was thankful that a fund like ours was now available.  


The willingness to show the most vulnerable that we do see them, and that we are not turning our back to a struggle that is mostly out of their control, is really what that generosity made known in our beloved Blaine County.  


Over $190,000 in assistance in just a few short months… now that is swift action!  95% of that assistance went to the lowest income brackets in our county.  80% of the households we assisted were LantinX, largely from industries that make sure we have the services we’ve come to rely on in our community.


As we move into the later part of the year, with much still unknown about how these populations will fare, we are committed to being a source for COVID related crisises now and other unanticiapted crisises in the future.  Our commitment is demonstrated through investing in Spanish speaking staff to help navigate the LatinX community through our process, as well administraion support to insure BCCF’s ability to have longevity in our community.  


Will you help us?  Will you help us to continue to be the safety net that makes Blaine County strong?


In unity,


Mary Fauth, Director

BCCF Board: Steve Thompson, Kevin Jones, Daryl Fauth, Sue Hamilton, Shannon McLean, Penny Thayer, Herbert Romero, Sheila Moriarty

Or mail checks to:
Blaine County Charitable Fund
PO Box 265
Hailey, ID 83333

"We feel extremely grateful for the help, especially because we aren’t working. This definitely has got us feeling a little emotional because there are days where we can’t even sleep just thinking about the bills. We are, once again, grateful for the help and grateful for people like you who are helping
during this time. 

Nos Sentimos muy agrecida por la ayudar porque no estamos trabajando. Esto afecta la parte emocional en nosotros porque hay días que no nos podemos dormir por los pagos y esto es un alivio. Estamos agradecidos por tener gente como ustedes durante este tiempo."
~ Pedro, Hailey construction worker with a family of four

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