Can you be the lifeline urgently needed in Blaine County?



With your help, together we make 5B strong!

We at Blaine County Charitable Fund have learned many lessons through the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the community wide crisis caused by the pandemic. We learned that any amount of loss of work or other life crisis (regardless of how severe), compounded with rising costs of living and limited affordable housing options, causes a stress on households that will keep so many in our community constantly living on the edge. Many of us have a lifeline of savings or family or community to fall back on in hard times, but local families BCCF serves do not. And most cannot recover fully or move ahead after a crisis.

Can you give $50 to ensure those that cook our food, check our lift ticket, provide art, or teach our kids can arrive at their place of work with gas in their tank, warm, without worry whether they will need to relocated from our giving vibrant community?

There are many that have come to know BCCF as a lifeline they can reach out to in times of crisis, now and in the future. We are their family when there is nowhere else to turn. Our ability to provide emergency assistance with confidence is thanks to the generosity of our Blaine County community.  Will you make sure 2022 is a year of healing and strength for all, and that BCCF can continue to be a support in these critical situations?  Your year end gift today will ensure everyone in our community has access to this lifeline.

Ways to Give:

Or mail checks to: Blaine County Charitable Fund, PO Box 265
Hailey, ID 83333.  

$25/mo Covers heat during the coldest months
$50/mo Helps navigate an unanticipated emergency
$100/mo Gives stability for a household for a month