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Housing Stability Assistance

Those that work and/or live in Blaine County can apply for Emergency Rent Assistance or 1st/Last/Deposit Assistance.  We do not require proof of citizenship.  BCCF's financial assistance programs are designed with households at or below 120% of Average Median Income (AMI) in mind. However, we will consider extenuating circumstances. If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact us. Please select from our programs below learn of program parameters and to apply:​


Can you assist me as a homeowner?

Some circumstances may exist that we would assist a homeowner with a mortgage payment, but we do require that you pursue the resources first.  Please inquire with your lender and/or apply for Idaho Homeowner Assistance.

I own my own business. Can I still apply? 

Yes, these awards are intended to help with urgent, personal or household expenses. Anyone who has lost work or is struggling with the economic strain, regardless of whether they were/are self- employed, or an employee of a company or organization. These awards are not intended for any business expenses however. 

Can I apply on behalf of my employees? 

Applications for assistance must be completed by the affected individual. 


I have applied for unemployment benefits. Can I apply for Rental Assistance as well?
Yes. We encourage affected individuals to apply for and use all resources available, including Idaho Unemployment Insurance and any other federal, state, or community-based assistance or relief options that may be made available. 

I need additional resources, such as utility help, critical medical needs, transportation needs, etc. How can I access them? 

Please access our Rapid Relief application information here.

After I submit my application, what can I expect next? 

  • A member of our organization will call you to complete your application by collecting some additional information.  Our goal is to contact all applicants within three business days of application.

  • Please expect to provide verification that you are/were working in Blaine County within the last month, and copy of lease/rent owed - a screenshot of any documentation will do. Once this is provided, your application is complete. 

  • Applications are reviewed by the BCCF staff twice a month. If you are under threat of eviction, please complete an application and note this in your request.  Please also be prepared to supply copies of eviction related correspondence.  


If an award is issued, how will I receive it? 

BCCF’s policy is to not give cash, or write a check that is payable directly to the applicant. Checks can be issued directly to the landlord, lending institution, or other creditor, and BCCF will ask for those names and addresses when you are notified of the award decision. 

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Please call our office at 208-244-5205; a member of our team will be glad to assist you.

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