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Down Payment Gap Assistance Program

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In partnership with the Sun Valley Realtor Gives Community Housing Fund, BCCF will ​​be providing workforce housing assistance by bridging the gap in a buyer’s down payment, buying down an interest rate to make a loan more affordable, or contributing towards closing costs.

In order to be qualified at least one non-dependent member of the household must be a qualified local, full-time employee (working a minimum of 1,500 hours a year in Blaine County for one or more organizations physically operating in the county). Current or potential homeowners may also qualify if they are a retired Blaine County resident over the age of 65 who formerly worked full time in the county, have a disability, is a schoolteacher in Blaine County, actively serve in the military, or are self-employed and have a business that serves clients and customers in Blaine County.  Other requirements include:

  • Assistance must be used for the purchase of a primary home in Blaine County

  • The assistance cannot be used for the purchase of a second home or investment property

DEADLINE TO APPLY: BCCF reviews completed applications received once a month on the 20th.   Special considerations can be taken into account.  Please include details in your application narrative. 

A complete request includes: 

  • An Down Payment Assistance request form;

  • Proof of full time employment or other qualifying definition;

  • Statement of gap funding needs from a lending institution;

  • A phone or in person consultation with a BCCF Family Care Coordinator​

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Please call our office at 208-244-5205; a member of our team will be glad to assist you.

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