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The PK’s Baldy Challenge 2024

to benefit Blaine County Charitable Fund

This annual fun(d) raiser happens every February and seeks to raise awareness and funding for a local non-profit in our community. Past years have supported the SVSEF, The Bald Mtn Rescue Fund, Higher Ground, the Hunger Coalition and The Senior Connection. For the next two years, the Baldy Challenge proceeds will benefit Blaine County Charitable Fund.

How to participate:


Step 1 – sign up at PK’s in Ketchum on Leadville or Apple’s in Warm Springs by signing a Sun Valley release and paying $30 for a “run card” that lists runs listed on the Baldy Map. Two runs were added this year- Little Scorpion and Frenchman’s South Slopes, both are accessible in the new terrain at the end of Flying Squirrel run.


Step 2 – ski runs on Baldy during the month of February and mark down the date you ski each run and put your initials (this is an honor system)


Step 3 – turn your card in to PK’s by March 1st EVEN if you have not skied all the runs! To win a prize you need to turn your card in BUT you need not be present to win. There are 2 Tiers for the prizes:


IF you have completed all the runs you are eligible to be entered in the top tier:

  • Next year season’s pass Sun Valley

  • Your choice of next year’s K2 skis from PKs

  • “Staycation” with dinner for (2) at the Knob Hill Inn

IF you have not completed all the runs you will be entered into the next tier.

  • $500 Gift Certificate with Clearwater Landscaping

  • Golf Pass Bigwood Golf Course Summer 2024

  • $150 Atkinsons Market

This is a FUN challenge that honors our mountain lifestyle. You will ski runs you rarely go to and you may challenge yourself. Best done with a friend or two or more. “Closing Ceremonies” with nibbles, beverages and prizes on March 4th.


FAQ: cannot be done in less than (3) days (think lifts and cat tracks); ALL proceeds from card sales and donations go directly to the Blaine County Charitable Fund; if runs are closed DO NOT ski them; You can “buy” your way out of skiing runs by purchasing “mulligans”; you can do the Challenge as many times as you want- in 2022 a participant did it once on alpine gear, once on snowboard and once on telemark gear.


This year’s Baldy Challenge is dedicated to Carl Stingl. $10 DOLLAR CHALLENGE cards are also available!

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