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Childcare Gap Assistance Program

Blaine County Charitable Fund can offer childcare gap assistance for families that work in Blaine County with children 5 years and under attending a licensed childcare providers not charging more than $55/day/child.  Assistance is available for up to 12 months.  Because of limited funds, not all applications for assistance will be granted and priority is given to families entering the workforce, are able to increase their capacity to work more with assistance, or are currently greatly burdened with childcare costs.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: BCCF reviews completed applications received once a month on the 20th.   Special considerations can be taken into account.  Please include details in your application narrative. 

A complete request includes: 

  • An childcare assistance request form;

  • Proof of income for all for the last 60-days;

  • Statement of childcare costs owed;

  • A phone or in person consultation with a BCCF Family Care Coordinator​


If an award is issued, how will I receive it? 

BCCF’s policy is to not give cash, or write a check that is payable directly to the applicant. Checks can be issued directly to the childcare provider.

How does BCCF make financial assistance decisions?

​Gap assistance is based on total income of the household and assumes that 14% of the income can be paid towards the childcare costs.  The goal of the assistance is to bridge the gap between a generally accepted percentage of income going to these costs and what the household can currently afford, while decreasing the need for financial assistance through adding capacity to work or to increase income.  

How is the financial assistance issued and what can I do to continue to be considered?

If awarded assistance, funding will be provided for up to three months at time.  To be considered for an additional three months of assistance, applicants will need to submit a complete application by the 20th of the month prior to needing assistance and attend an in-person consultation with a BCCF Family Care Coordinator.  

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Please call our office at 208-244-5205; a member of our team will be glad to assist you.

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