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We need your voice!

Not everyone has the courage to ask for help.  Or even where to begin.  So many of our emergency assistance recipients are referred to us by a caring friend or family member.  

If you found yourself in a corner where you had no were else to turn... If you received some assistance that help secure your housing, keep your heat on, pay for an unexpected cost...  If you took the step to apply and were able to work with BCCF during a time of crisis...

YOU COULD BE THE VOICE that lets someone know that they aren't alone in this.

Can you share with us a few insights about what brought you to BCCF how it helped you in the moment, and how it will enable to be stable in the future?  

Thanks in advance!  We are happy to keep it anonymous, but also a familiar face and name could be what really encourages someone to reach out for a lifeline.  

In gratitude to our supporters, we are so grateful for how we can help build resiliency in our community like you YOU!

Mary, Maira and Elizabeth at BCCF

Tell us your story!

How can we let people know who this testimony is about and give them the same courage as you?

Thanks for submitting! Would you consider sending us a photo of you and/or you with your family that we could put a face to this amazing testimony? If so, please email to or text 208-244-5205. ¡Gracias por enviar! ¿Considerarías enviarnos una foto tuya y/o tuya con tu familia para que podamos ponerle cara a este increíble testimonio? Si es así, envíe un correo electrónico a o envíe un mensaje de texto al 208-244-5205.

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