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Financial assistance programs


Keeping Blaine County households stable is a critical element to reducing housing insecurity and experiencing the traumatic affects of eviction.  Blaine County Charitable Fund does this by providing emergency rent assistance in conjunction with financial education and goal setting. 


The first/last/deposit assistance program helps tenants with the often high upfront costs to enter a new rental agreement for more affordable housing.


Blaine County Charitable Fund understands that there are unexpected expenses that are difficult to address when a household is already financially challenged to pay for basic monthly needs.  Households can apply for assistance with expenses that are in need of immediate payment and cannot be deferred or negotiated. These may include transportation, medical, insurance, utilities, etc.  


If you are currently experiencing, or anticipate experiencing homelessness, please apply for temporary housing by apply to the Blaine County Housing Authority's Lift Tower Lodge property.  We will work in conjunction with the Lift Tower Lodge to temporary place homeless individuals in other area properties during the winter months in the case of the Lift Tower Lodge being full.


In 2023 BCCF is piloting a gap assistance program for full-time workers employed in Blaine County making up to 140% of Blaine County AMI AND who are paying consistently between 50-75% of their household’s income towards rent. If you are an employer that would like to offer this program to your rent burdened employees in order to increase their stability and ability to remain a part of the workforce in Blaine County, please inquire.  If you're full-time Blaine County worker please inquire as well.

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