2021 Year in Review

Financial assistance = stability

This past year started with so many uncertainties. BCCF set a course to tackle the year and be ready for what may come. The community we serve grew. Some returned with continued hardship. Most of all, BCCF strived to continue being a lifeline to provide stability in our neighbors' lives to weather storms that will undoubtedly come their way. We are grateful for the donor community connected to BCCF who responded to these needs and enabled us to respond to each and every one of the needs at our door in 2021!

In a time when many in our community saw prosperity, 2021 proved to be only slightly behind the year previous in terms of need for financial assistance. This should be no real surprise as we all watch the long overdue housing crisis come to a head at the time of a population growth spike*. This growth happens to coincide with 1% reporting to be experiencing homelessness, rental rate increases and the displacement of many of our workforce. However, the reality is that it is easy to go back to day to day life and not realize how many in our community potentially struggle in silence. They continue to live on the edge, unsure if their housing will continue to be affordable, if they will find new housing should they need to, or where they should turn when they have exhausted all of their options.

Knowing these things, the BCCF Board of Directors has made a deeper commitment to serve the most vulnerable in Blaine County by investing in staff and looking for more ways to i