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Blaine County Ranks High in Life Expectancy and Low in Unemployment

By Karen Bossick, Eye on Sun Valley

... "'The Hunger Coalition also conducted a cost-of-living analysis for Blaine County and found that a family of four must make $54 an hour just to make ends meet. That doesn’t allow for sending kids to college, taking a summer vacation or even building an emergency savings account', Brooke McKenna said.

“Our data, in conjunction with Mary Fauth's stats about her participants all being cost-burdened by housing--meaning they are spending over 30% of their income on housing--are important bellwethers for the living conditions of thousands of county residents. Blaine County can't be a healthy, thriving county until all families are able to live healthy, thriving lives. Employers need to be aware of more than their own bottom lines and truly take care of their employees in the manner that works best for the employee.... meaning, they gotta be paying people more!” she added...


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