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Protecting Stability: Mitigating Eviction's Devastating Toll

The recent Princeton study spotlighting the lethal consequences of unaffordable rents echoes the urgency of our mission at BCCF. We understand the grave repercussions eviction can have on households, beyond just losing a place to live.


Eviction isn't solely about displacement; its impact ripples through lives, causing trauma, disrupting education, and jeopardizing health. Families facing eviction encounter immense stress and instability, often leading to a downward spiral of financial despair and emotional distress.

Our emergency rent assistance program stands as a critical lifeline, offering immediate relief to prevent families from reaching the brink of eviction. By providing financial support, we mitigate the looming threat of homelessness, stabilizing households and preserving their well-being.

Moreover, by making our resources available during eviction mediation allows for averting this devastating outcome altogether. In partnership with the City of Ketchum's Housing Mediation Project, who are facilitating dialogues between tenants and landlords to find equitable solutions, BCCF can safeguard families from the traumatic experience of eviction with financial resources. 

BCCF remains steadfast in our commitment to shield households from the profound harm of eviction. Together, let's fortify stability, ensuring that no family faces the dire consequences of losing their home.


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