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Volunteer Spotlight: Ed & Carmen Northern

Q; When and how did you come to the WRV?

A: We had been traveling through the west and the WRV for a number of years. In 2001 we purchased some property in WRV and in June 3 rd 2003 Carmen had an opportunity to work as a flyfishing guide, so on we moved to WRV from Laguna Niguel, CA. Ed was still working for the Orange County Fire Department and commuted to work for 3 ½ years, then retired after 34 years of service.


Q: What do you appreciate most about this community?

A: We appreciate the community in WRV because it is truly what defines community. People from all different walks of life contributing their time, talents and resources to the needs of the community. There is a recognition by most people who live in this community that we need to give back, to care for one another and for the planet. Most people help with those needs as they are able, given their resources. This has resulted in the building of meaningful relationships and friendships, which is important to us. Of course, the beauty our public lands, the ability to access, enjoy and recreate on them is something we value. So, we work to preserve and protect them for present and future generations.

Q: How did you first hear about BCCF and why do you choose to support us?

A: We first learned about BCCF, through friends and the work BCCF was doing in the valley. Since BCCF vision and goals matched up with what we saw were important needs in the valley we wanted to help them meet those needs. BCCF was filling a need which was not being specifically met at the time in a way that was part of the goals or mission of other non profits.

Q: What does contributing to BCCF/Empty Bowls mean to you?

A: We have been helping with empty bowls almost from its inception with the Hunger Coalition. We attend Church of the Big Wood where the event has been held for years and learned they needed volunteers. We love this event because it is a fun gathering of community while raising funds to help meet the needs in our community of the less fortunate. We have a whole stack of empty bowls in our cupboard and using them reminds us of the importance of being generous to the needs of the



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